Monday, May 30, 2011

More Carrots, Please

It's about that begin introducing cereals, oatmeals, and veggies into our little man's diet. First was cereal; FAIL. That stuff tastes nasty, so I can't even blame Jude for spitting that right back at us. Next was Oatmeal....better. Not as much of a "who farted" face, but he still was not too impressed.

So then came the carrots. Orange in color and rich in Vitamin E. He wasn't too thrilled at first, but after a few bites he hit his groove. Spoonful after tiny spoonful he downed his first helping of veggies like a good boy. He was having so much fun, that mommy and daddy decided to get into the mix, and turns out we are just as messy as JBB.

Here Comes the Airplane....................MMMMMMMMMM 

             This. Is. Awesome.       Dad, get me MORE CARROTS!     

You were right, Jude, these things ARE awesome! 

Next time, Mommy gets a bib too!

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