Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jude's Suite First Baseball Game

It was a wet night at Wrigley, but you wouldn't know it from where we were sitting.  We were lucky enough to be offered some tickets for the Cubs vs Cardinals game last Wednesday, May 11th. The best part is; they were FREE, the second best part is; we were in an all-inclusive SUITE!

The hot wings and hot dogs were aplenty, as were eager friends ready to get their hands on the baby! We got to catch some live baseball, hang out with some friends and co-workers, and enjoy the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. We would have preferred his first game be at Busch Stadium (home of the STL Cardinals), but since they were in town, we figured it was OK to expose young Jude to the enemy's lair.

There was an hour rain delay, but the storms subsided, the Wrigley groundscrew worked their magic and they got the entire game in. Sad to say, the final score was: Cubs 10, Cardinals 4. No matter, we had a great time (plus the Cardinals spanked the Cubbies 9-1 the next day to take the series). 
Go Redbirds!

The Bennets are Baseball fans, for sure. Love catching all the games we can!
The Timeless Scoreboard at Wrigley Field....Before and During the storm
When things got crappy outside, they got cozy inside the SUITE
Finally, the rain stopped, the players took the field, and the Cardinals took an ass kicking.                         But what a great time!
Goodnight, JBB. This is baseball, we hope you enjoy it, and eventually win a full ride athletic scholarship. XOXO, Mom and Dad

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