Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jude's 8th Week of Life

Here's a few pics recapping a busy week for the little man. Doctor's office on Tuesday for four shots (booo). He took them like a champ, but Mom had to look away :).

Jude also celebrated his first Fat Tuesday with dinner at the Crossroads Public House in the Lakeview Neighborhood. Nice little Irish pub, but definitely a college crowd. by 9pm I think the average age in that place was 21 1/2, and anytime there's beads on the table things could get out of control in a hurry!

Happy Friday, everyone. It's St. Patty's weekend in Chicago, and the Bennets are taking a year off of the mayhem. Have fun on your pub crawls and trolly rides, everyone. We'll see you next year...
I'm 2 Months old!!!
Hungry? Why wait..
When Boredom Attacks
check out these.........JAZZ HANDS!!!!
John, George, Ringo, Paul and.....Jude!   The 5th Beatle!
Baby JB rocking the Mohawk hat that Grandma Menk made for him. Thanks Gramma!

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