Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brigid's B-Day Weekend

We were lucky enough to be able to join our friends Nick and Brigid DeVries on a weekend getaway to Michigan Wine Country. We were celebrating Brigid's 30th Birthday, and what a way to bring in the big 3-0.  We stayed in cabins outside of New Buffalo, MI, just a few miles from the Michigan Wine Trail.

Fall colors, the breeze and waves of Lake Michigan, fantastic October weather and tons of great food and drink made for a fantastic weekend along the coast. Nick rented all of the cottages for the weekend and treated friends and family to a much needed break from the city. We LOVE Fall!
That tree was amazing. Like something out of a Tim Burton movie
The main house, where most of the partying took place.
More Partyin'
John and Ashleigh at the Round Barn Winery
Jude's first wine tasting (non-alcoholic of course)
Nick and Brigid DeVries, outside of Tabor Hill Winery
For those that don't know: "Icing" is a game where you strategically hide bottles of Smirnoff Ice so that unsuspecting people stumble upon them, and therefore must CHUG them. This is one of the best Icings I've ever seen.
Ash and Brigid posing outside the Round Barn Winery. Amazing scenery, if you're in Southwest Michigan, make sure you check it out!

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