Sunday, November 24, 2013

Camping at Beaver Dam

The day after trick-or-treating, we packed up the suv and headed to Beaver Dam with the Post's. They invited us to their campsite for two evenings of fun. 

These boys are spoiled rotten. They had a blast camping.

There was a nice play area for the kids.

The campground provided a hayride, costume contest and trick-or-treating one evening. 
It was too cold to dress the boys up in their costumes, but we took advantage of it all.

This little man keeps us warm all the time. 

Some pics of Cameron and Jude by the fire at night.

Roasting some food.

The mama's taught these boys how to be pros at air hockey. 

Montage of Jude. We recreated a pic from 2011 in his Carhart hat. He's still as precious.

The wonderful colors of autumn at Eureka Springs. 

Thanks so much for a really fun weekend Dustin, Ashley and Cameron!!!

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