Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jude's Beach Vacation

It seemed like the perfect long weekend to jump in the car and head towards the coast. Even if it would take us 11 hours. Jude's last vacation was Huntington Beach, California when he was 11 months old, so it was time for him to chose a destination. After catching an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, where they built sandcastles and mud pies, Jude decided the BEACH was the place to be. We found the perfect little condominium right on the ocean with 4 pools and plenty of sand in Orange Beach, Alabama. It was a fantastic trip and we'll for sure be back.

He hasn't quit talking about the beach.
The kiddie pool lasted a day when he figured out the others we deep enough to jump in and swim.
Some mommy and daddy moments. John caught the flu on vacation:( So Jude cheered him up!
All Day! Get out, jump in, swim, get out, jump in, swim. So much fun.
We even found some Menk's nearby. Thanks for visiting with us!!!
Ice Cream at The Wharf and scooping sand at Lucy's (Jimmy Buffet's Sister).
Shopping for Souvenirs.
Are we in a Shark's mouth? Ahhh!
Breakfast of champions and some giggles.
We searched for tiny crabs at night. By far mommy's favorite thing. They were no bigger than a coin.
The view from our room. PRETTY NICE!
Love him.
And you wonder why the Cardinal's are in the World Series again.
This took me 5 tries and running Jude 15 feet away. He still was fast enough to destroy part of it.
XOXO Orange Beach!

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