Tuesday, August 13, 2013

28th Birthday

This birthday made me feel a little strange. It's real close to 30 and although it shouldn't bother me...it does. Then all my friends came over and I forgot about it. Cheers!

My hubby pulled together an awesome backyard party for me!!! Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, gifts and an incredible evening.

The bar is always open.

The backyard hopping!

These people are so cool.

These people are really cool too.

Lots of ladies having fun.

My birthday cake. Thank you so much Noelle Tice for making this beauty just for me.

John hung up two strands of lights to light up the backyard. The coolest thing ever.

Don't even act like I'm not dancing to Beyonce. Wait...I am Beyonce.

One makes me music and one makes me dance. Love these crazy kids.

My wonderful Husband and favorite Aunt Nessa. You two made it so awesome. xoxox

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