Friday, February 15, 2013

Jude Turns Two

Happy Birthday!
Defiance, crankiness, challenging authority, throwing toys, tantrums and non stop energy. And that's just John.

Jude is two years old. Whew. What an amazing 24 months. A year ago he was just getting his feet under him, and now we can't let his hand go or he'll sprint away. He was just finally getting some decent hair, and now we've got to trim it every month. He's our little man and we're just so happy to be able to watch all of this amazing stuff happen. 

This year we had a little get together with our frieds the Tice's (Matt, Noelle and Jude's pal Landon). Jude's favorite character is still Mickey Mouse, so we stuck with that theme and spiced it up a little. As usual, Ashleigh outdid herself with the cake (you'll see) and gave our favorite little boy a great birthday to remember.
Good morning, birthday boy!

 You've got some surprises waiting for you beyond these balloons!

 "You know I LOVE Balloons!!!"

"da da da da da da da da they say it's your birthday da da da da da da's my birthday too, yeah"
Another classic Ashleigh creation. Right now; Mickey, but soon: Toodles!
The Chef at work
 Almost there, looking great

 The finished product. Believe it or not, it tasted even better than it looked!
The amazing chef at work. 
 "Eh, all this cooking has got me pooped. Can we go play now?"
To the Jump Zone! Where all kids' bouncy dreams come true!

 Jude was not a huge fan of being alone in the bouncy houses

 But he loves him some Elmo....

 and foosball!
And now for a little evening celebration, fit for a tiny Prince
What a lucky boy!
Thanks for joining us, Tice's

 "Whoa! It's Toodles!"

Happy Birthday to the coolest 2 year old a couple of parents could hope for. Can't wait to share #3 with you all in 12 months!

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  1. What a great 2nd Birthday party! Love the Balloon doorway :)