Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank You!!!

We want to thank all of our friends and family from miles away who sent us wonderful Christmas presents and Jude's Birthday presents this year. Jude was so excited to open all those packages left at our door steps.

He got so much! Angry Birds, bear pillows, stuffed animals, lots of adorable clothes...which he needed, toys, singing cards, house slippers, mickey mouse and a lot more. John and I received some wonderful gifts too. What a wonderful time of year!!!

Some of his outfits!

Uncle Jeff's tractor. Ornament from the Menk's.

Exhausted from playing with his caterpillar from the Dutton's all day....ALL DAY!

Loved this!

Again with the tractor. Did I mention he ripped off some of our floor molding with this?

I can't quit swing Mickey for you to take this picture...ahhhhhh!!!!!! 
Wish you could see his platypus slippers on in this picture.

You all are so amazing. Thank you so much for thinking about us!!!! XOXO

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