Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Funday at Lincoln Park Zoo

Jude has been doing wonders with his animal sounds via Daddy's Ipad (which JBB calls the "grrrrrr") so we thought maybe a day at the zoo would be fun. The little man continues to surprise us. He pointed at the statue of wolves and made a howl sound. He growled when he saw the big cats. And of course he protested loudly when Daddy was eating all the Dipping Dots. Welcome to our first family outing at LPZ.

 Let's go Dad! (Nice jeans dude)
 92 degrees and sunny at LPZ...water, stat.
 Just getting my dapper dan changed so I'm dry for the Children's Museum.
 Wait! No one told me they had a splash park!
 Yes. Yes. Yes. Watch out girl, this is my playground.
 Beavers and Ducks!
 Please Dad. It's a monkey!
 You're right. I'd rather have ice cream instead.
 This doesn't look like ice cream.
 But it tastes like ice cream.
 I love this stuff!!!
 I's amazing son!!!
 Giraffe's are interesting creatures.
 Hey you fish, hey you fish, hey you fish!
 Mom, these fish aren't like memaw's. I can't even turn the tank light on.
 So you're telling me that's a monkey?
 Ooh Ooh, Aah Aah! Hey Monkey.
 Dad, that monkey is awesome, but I'm exhausted.
Public Transportation at it's finest. Hand me a wet wipe would ya!

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