Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes A Baby Needs A Break

I've taken a much needed break to regroup and collect my thoughts. After all, conquering walking to downright winning races like Usain Bolt (yeah, he thinks he's pretty fast), teething all day every day (these molars are outrageous) and figuring out how to break down my parents by the masterful arch-back tantrum takes a lot out of a little guy like me. So what's a guy to do?

I've been cheering on my favorite Chicago teams.

Resting. Anywhere. Everywhere. (Obviously I just dominated at basketball)

Quickly learned how to play an instrument. No big deal. Not sure why it's taken dad so long.

Checking Facebook.

Catching up on my favorite shows.

Deciding which sport scholarship I'll get when I got to college. Why not all of them?

Hanging low with the family. That's my cousin Dacian...and me humoring my mama.

Mastering plans that will eventually get me into trouble with friends...that's Jake the Snake Girdler.

And even giving my Dad and Mom "free time" that they so badly need. 
I'm not sure they use it wisely, but whatever.

So now you know how important my break was and you can obviously see (refer back to the above 2 pictures) why I needed it. It's almost summer time, so you know I'll be flexing my baby arms and no knees at the beach where the "rents" will be taking gobs of pictures. But for now, I have to fuel up on my milk protein and have a chat with plastic Donald Duck about his choice in women. 

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