Thursday, February 2, 2012

All This....for Me???

Hey everybody, Jude here. Sorry it's taken so long to write this post, but lately I've been pretty busy working on the whole "one foot in front of the other" thing that Mom and Dad seem to be excited about. I guess "walking" is pretty OK, but if I knew they would get so excited about it, I'd have done it weeks ago!

Anyway...Mom and Dad threw me a great party for my first birthday. All my besties showed up. Jacob, Bella, Juliet, and even Mookie DeVries made an appearance. There was a Mickey Mouse cake and cupcakes and even a Mickey Mouse balloon that sings when I punch it!

I got some great stuff from everybody. Clothes, toys, hugs, kisses and some multi-colored sporks for learning to feed myself (thanks Jacob).

Here's some pics from my big day. Thanks for checking in on us, and I'll try to be better about updating you all on what my goof ball parents are up to.

Love, JBB

                                              Mmmmmmm. Mommy makes the best cakes.

            Dad spent all morning making a rainbow fruit tray, but all I cared about was the cake....


                        Opening presents is my third favorite thing to do, after eating and pooping.

                                                     Mom and Dad got me a TUNNEL!!!

                                                Thanks for coming Williams' and Aunt Nessa!

                                       Thanks for coming DeVries' and Girdlers!

Thanks for Coming Manuels!

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