Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby's First Christmas

Too many presents, too much food, but always enough family. We had the best Christmas this year. We received so many amazing Xmas cards from friends and little man Jude got some sweet gifts from his far away favorites in the mail (Gma and Pa Menk, the Dutton's and Uncle Jeff). Jude made out like a bandit. Plus Mommy and Daddy got some really fantastic things. We couldn't have asked for more, seriously. You all are such wonderful friends and family. Xoxo Cheers to 2012.

Grandma got me cars!!!                    Come give me some lovin.

Sweet outfit from the Drake's. What is this colorful stuff? I think someone is playing me for a fool.

Look Daddy! Wibble Wobble. I've got this unwrapping thing down.

It's my FIRST CHRISTMAS Mom...and Cardinal's World Champ Win.

 I love my Memaw!   And my GiGi is pretty awesome too!!!!

  Christmas TOUCHDOWN. What? Horizontal Santa Stripes? For sure.

Hey Great Gramps...Let's roll.   Hanging with the ladies that started it all. Love you GGGma.

Listen need a vest like this.   Memaw come give me a kiss!

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