Sunday, September 11, 2011


Last week we spent a few days and nights in Los Cabos, Mexico for a little end of Summer getaway. Mee Maw Cash and GG Waugh watched Jude for a few days while we were able to enjoy some cold drinks, hot sun and warm sand.

We stayed at the Riu Santa Fe, a huge all-inclusive resort on the Sea of Cortez side of the Pacific. As always, it was great to get away and clear our minds from the fast pace of work and city life, but as you might guess, we missed the little man pretty bad after a couple days. That's where technology comes in!

We took the iPad down to Mexico and were able to video chat with Mee Maw, GiGi and Jude once or twice while we were down there. It was a lot easier to enjoy the days and nights down there knowing that our precious little guy was in good hands (and he was). Thanks to the Kim, Richard and Lee Ann for watching over JBB while we enjoyed some sun!

While in Cabo, we enjoyed the resort, explored the downtown area, went on a sunset cruise, hung out in the infinity pool, snorkeled, visited "Lover's Beach" and "Pelican Beach", and hit the hotspots of the nightlife like Cabo Wabo, Mango Deck and Squid Roe. We met some great people from all over the country (and Canada) and had an especially great night with a couple from Phoenix (looking at you, Morgan and Shawn).

We learned the hard way to be careful where you step in the ocean. It was rough in front our our resort, and it took about 30 seconds for us to end up on our butts, flip-flops and sunglasses floating in the water, never to return. The locals seemed to enjoy that area for boogie boarding and whatnot, but the Americans ended up on their butts one by one (after it happened to us, we sat in the pool and watched it happen to couple after couple).

It was a great vacation!
"Land's End" at Cabo - The absolute end of the earth on that side of the Country.....and Ash posing at the Tequila Museum.

                                "HEEEEAAAWWWW"        Testing the local tequila at "Slim's Elbow Room"

                  Ash during the day (at the swimmable beach)            Ash at night!

At the end of night one, we were able to sit on the beach and enjoy the beautiful night

                   Pelicans (Mexican Chickens) at Pelican Beach. And the Sea Lion colony at Lover's Beach

                                    The loner Sea Lion       Our first drinks at Mango Deck, a great party spot!

                        Our new friends, Morgan and Shawn     Posing on the Sunset Cruise

                      Posing at the Elbow Room. Good Times.     Nothing like a Mexico sunset

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