Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Smiles, overalls and pulling hair

Busy in the Bennet household lately. As we continue to crawl our way out of winter and into Spring, Jude is growing like the grass. He is three months old as of tomorrow (Thursday the 7th), going on 3 years! He's growing so quickly, and has begun wearing his 3 month outfits now. Soon we'll be changing the diaper size, then comes the baby food, and then college tuition....

One thing is for sure; it wouldn't surprise either of us if Jude is walking at 9 or 10 months at this point, because those legs just go and go and go.... 

 Chilling out, sporting the Rugby outfit Daddy got him for Christmas, and watching some TV
 Starting to think his favorite spot is on the rug!

 Loving these new brown overalls!

 It's Bathtime!                               Smiley McGee!

 Jude got his hands on some of mamma's hair.......and this is what happens
Hangin' on the couch watching some American Idol.......And a new feature on our computer that can light up portions of a photo

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