Wednesday, August 25, 2010

JB's Top 5 Movies about Having a Baby

I love movies of all types, but even before little JB was on the way I loved movies about other people having babies. Here are my top 5 fave movies about having babies. 

1. She's Having a Baby
I'm a child of the 80's so you know I love me some John Hughes. Kevin Bacon's narration in this flick is hilarious, and I think it's a great depiction of the craziness and stress that the male mind goes through as we go from marriage to career to mortgage to babies. Love this movie.

2. Parenthood
Steve Martin is my hero, and this movie is great for a ton of reasons. Dysfunctional families, self conscious fathers, quasi-retarded toddlers and of course, Cowboy Gil!

3. Knocked Up
Before Seth Rogen started getting annoying, he was hilarious in this movie. The idea that Katherine Heigl would even consider having a one-nighter or raising a child with a guy like that in real life may be laughable, but this movie was great. The scenes when Rogen is with his guy friends are definitely the funniest.

4. Raising Arizona
What an odd, funny and smart movie. Nic Cage before he got annoying too, and with possibly the best hair of any would-be-dad in movie history. An guy gets out of jail, marries the cop who arrested him and they steal a baby together. John Goodman makes an amazing appearance and the creepy bounty hunter used to give me nightmares, but this movie is a classic.

5. Father of the Bride II
It's one of those movies that is on cable just about every weekend (usually following Father of the Bride part 1) and I watch it just about every time. Again, Steve Martin is HI-LARIOUS as a nervous dad and Granddad and Martin Short as Franz is one of the best characters in any comedy in the 90's. Can't really explain it, but I just love this movie, no matter how womanly it makes me!

Honorable Mention:
Look Who's Talking, Juno and Funny About Love.

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